A Few Nights, A Few Strips

A couple of nights after work this week I was able to add a pair of strips. Nothing different than what I’ve been doing for awhile now.

I checked at the widest point and it looks like just over 4 strips will be necessary to complete the hull. You can see a gap of about an eight of an inch. I have some ideas on how to handle this but I think I’ll probably just glue two strips together and then shave it down to a just a bit larger than one strip resulting in an over sized piece that will just fit the remaining space.

Looking forward to the three day weekend. Hopefully the hull will get finished and I can flip it and start on the deck. We’ll see…

2 thoughts on “A Few Nights, A Few Strips”

  1. I see you’re almost done with the bottom side and the strips look nice and tight.
    Looking forward to seeing it flipped.

    1. Thanks. I should be done on Sunday and hopefully flipped however before I do so I need to build a cradle for it.

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