Last Coat of Varnish

At least I think it is. Won’t know for sure until it is dried and I can check for any runs or sags. If there are any I’ll need to do a bit of touch up.

No pics, but I did shoot a video. Following the same sequence I’ve used for other operations (sanding, etc.) I used the across, up and down and then across again. The first across is to get it on, the up and down is to ensure even coverage and the final across is a lighter touch designed to just break any bubbles on the surface and flow the current section into the previous section.

In the first half of the video I’m putting the varnish on using this approach. In the second half I do the other side and you can clearly see a sanded spot that was missed in the initial across step. When I do the up and down it takes care of this. Near the end I then step back and get a good view of the wet surface reflecting the light. I do this specifically to look for any dry spots that were missed or barely got any varnish. If there are I apply to this area and then repeat the final across step to blend it in.

Tomorrow I’ll give it a once over and if all is good with the finish, then on to the seat and lines.