Preparing the Deck

Just like the hull I now moved on to the deck. There was an accident with it last fall where the top had split. I had glued it up and left it over the winter. Now checking it over and it looked in good shape, just a little bit of scraping and sanding on those glue lines and it would be ready.

Of course things couldn’t go that easily. I gave it a wetting down for the final sanding and saw I had more work to do.

Eventually I got all the glue cleaned up and was satisfied with the surface. Given the convex surface I once again went with one piece laid end to end. A bit of trimming at the cockpit and a brushing out to get it to lay nicely and it was ready to be fiberglassed.

As shown in the previous posting video, the fiberglass method should be pretty straight forward by now. And once again the wetting out coat was followed by a second fill coat.

At this point I left everything to dry and cure for at least 72 hours.