More Varnishing

Varnished the hull, first coat yesterday. Today was mostly light 400 grit sanding with a bit of 120/220 in some drip areas first. Then a wipe down and the second coat of varnish. I’d like to write more but really this is it and I’ve already talked about the sanding and varnishing techniques.

Tomorrow will be most likely the last sanding and varnish coat on the hull. If all goes well then on Sunday seat install and deck line.

On a related note, I purchased a roof carrier system from Alfa Gear Products. Please don’t make the same mistake I did. The reviews were mostly good but the product came packages such that it was pretty much guaranteed you’d damage it upon opening the box and one of the parts was missing from the box. Their website had zero contact options. The final spray of gas on this dumpster fire was the instruction page (not manual) that had an email address which when I sent an email to it, the email bounced back as undeliverable due to invalid address. Thankfully the vendor I got it from allowed for returns which I already did. Now I need to find a new carrier system.

I originally picked this one as I do not have roof rails so I’d need a rail less system or one of the more expensive mounting options. I figured a soft tie down system would be a good starter option allowing me to go to some local lakes/rivers for now and allow for use on either vehicle. I will probably still start with this but now I need to find a better brand/company to get it from.