First Set of Strips is Done!

Exciting day. I was able to glue on the first strip on the other side so I officially have the first set of strips completed. Only about 60 more to go (for a guess).

In other news I spent a bit of time and drew out actual size cockpit templates. The 42″ size is identical in both images, however the 39″ size varies at the front. I’m not sure yet which size or style. To test I’ll cut these out, place at about the height they’ll be in comparison to the bottom of the kayak and then see which I can comfortably get my legs into. If I can do the 39″ size then I could still cut the 42″ and do a bit of a recessed coaming at the front to bring it back to 39″. It would be pretty much just for aesthetics and certainly is not required but after seeing many kayaks built this way I’m considering it.