No Progress This Week

Had some time off work and it coincided with getting sick so no progress during the week. Feeling better now and I hope to get the strips cut on the weekend and continue on.

I did have a question posed to me about where I found my cockpit template. I didn’t find it, I made it. I tried with the CAD application but ultimately switched to Adobe Illustrator. I don’t have pics of the process but basically I found a cockpit picture online, an overhead shot, that I liked. I pasted this into Illustrator. From there I created a center line at 42″ in length and then a perpendicular line at 9″ to either side (18″ in total). Next the cockpit was scaled up until it fit one of the two dimensions. From there I placed four control points and adjusted the lines until the curves matched the template image. Once I had those approximate curves the template was deleted and the points adjusted until I had my 42″ x 18″ size allowing the curves to “float” or adjust automatically.

A copy and paste and I created the 39″ version also. In one case I more or less left the curves alone. In the other I scaled them wider at the front to give an alternative spacing with more entry room for your legs.

As complicated as they may have sounded, it took literally about the same time to read it as it did to actually create the drawings. I’ve included them here as PDFs. If you can print to a wide format printer you can get actual size templates, otherwise you might have to output to a bunch of normal letter sized pages and tape it up.